Landscaping Options For Low-Lying Areas Of Your Yard

If you have a low spot in your yard that tends to get soggy, muddy, or even turn swampy in the wet season, you may be looking for solutions to help the low-lying area reach its potential, instead of being a problem. Here are a few landscaping options to consider when you're looking for a solution to your low-lying area. Rain Garden If you have a lot of runoff from your driveway or roof that you need to manage, you may want to consider draining them all to the low spot and creating a rain garden there.

Do You Need to Hire a Lawn Maintenance Company?

Having a beautiful lawn is something that every homeowner is proud of. It significantly improves the aesthetic appeal and boosts the value of a property. However, maintaining the beauty of a lawn isn't easy, and it requires an ongoing commitment that may be difficult to achieve as you have other activities to attend to. Luckily, there are lawn maintenance companies that can solve all your lawn care needs at reasonable prices.

4 Considerations for Building a Zen Garden

A zen garden can be a place for quiet reflection, an aesthetic that contrasts with the lush foliage around it, and a way to display calming raked pebble designs in your landscape. Here are four considerations when you're looking to build a zen garden in your yard. 1. Choosing the best spot Your zen garden will need to be placed in a flat area to avoid erosion. You can either create a flat area or choose an area in your yard that's already flat.

Lawn Care Recommendations To Keep Your Landscaping Protected

Spring is just over the horizon, and before you know it, it will be time to start cleaning up your yard's landscaping and looking at the condition of your lawn to take care of its springtime growth. Within your yard's landscaping, your lawn makes up a big part of its appearance, which reflects back on your entire property. Here are some recommendations about taking the best care of your lawn and getting the most bang for your buck from your efforts.