How To Stop Your Hill From Eroding

Erosion occurs all the time in nature. Soil and rocks slowly wash down from a higher spot to a lower one. When this happens in your backyard, though, it's hard to ignore. It can be a downright mistake to ignore erosion since it can eventually impact the stability of your foundation, septic tank, and other home components. So, how do you stop your hill from eroding? Here are some top options.

Retaining Walls

One option is to have your landscaping team put in a retaining wall at the base of the hill. The retaining wall will essentially "catch" the soil and rocks and prevent them from going any further. It will also help give support to the lower portions of the hill, which will keep erosion to a minimum. A retaining wall can be made from brick, stone, or even concrete. It's a good choice if erosion is occurring quickly and when you would like an aesthetic solution. Retaining walls are easy to decorate, and you can even choose wall materials that coordinate with your home and landscape.


If most of the erosion is soil or sand running downhill when it rains, you might just need to have the hill mulched. This works best on shallow, not-so-steep hills, and when the hill is naked dirt without much plant growth. A good, thick layer of wood mulch can slow down the trickle of water enough to stop the dirt from eroding. Pine needles can work well, too, and are often cheaper than wood mulch. You will need to add new mulch every year or two, but this is generally something you can do on your own, rather than hiring a landscaper, if preferred.

Diversion Ditches

Another option is to have your landscaping team come dig what is known as diversion ditches. These ditches are meant to redirect the flow of water so that water does not go tumbling down the hill any longer. Whether or not digging ditches is an adequate solution for erosion depends on the layout of your landscape. If there is no good place for a ditch to drain, this solution won't work. Also, diversion ditches may need to be paired with mulch or a retaining wall for maximum effectiveness.

If the soil on your hill is eroding, don't waste another minute. Contact a landscaping company soon, and start exploring solutions before the erosion becomes too extensive.