Installed Artificial Turf To Replace Your Lawn? 3 Tips To Keep It Maintained

Replacing your lawn with artificial turf offers you many benefits. Not only will it save you a lot of time from mowing, but you also don't have to worry about watering. You do have to maintain the artificial turf, however, so it will last a long time for you. Below are three maintenance tips so you can enjoy your turf without worrying about problems.  Keep it Clean The main maintenance you need to do is keeping your artificial turf clean.

Choosing Color-Enhanced Mulch for Eco-Friendly Commercial Landscaping

Mulch is an essential resource for almost any commercial landscaping project. A thick layer of shredded organic material will protect delicate flowers and shoots, discourage unwanted weed growth, and prevent surface moisture from evaporating and drying out the soil during hot weather. While basic mulch isn't much to look at, you can also choose mulches that are almost as attractive as the plants, flowers, and trees you plant in your commercial landscapes.

Reasons You Ought To Consider Regular Professional Yard Care Services

A lush and healthy lawn can help boost your home's curb appeal exponentially. In addition, a beautiful lawn boosts your property's value, which is important if you want to sell or rent it out. However, it's no secret that taking care of your lawn can be a daunting task requiring time, creativity, and other resources. This is where the professional landscaping services come in, and here are four reasons why you should consider regular, expert lawn care for your property:

Small Urban Lot? 5 Professional Landscaping Is Even More Vital

Homeowners with only small properties in dense urban areas may not have much yard space to work with. But does the small square footage make it less important? Should you spend the extra to have it landscaped with a custom design? The answer is that your small yard may warrant a specialist even more than a wide-open space. Here's why.  1. Less Room for Error. When you have a large yard, you can experiment, try different ideas, and work around mistakes.

5 Signs You Need To Stabilize Soil At A Location

Unstable soil presents a major hazard to property, landscaping, infrastructure, and even people. Soil stabilization, though, can make a huge difference. You might wonder what the signs are that soil is unstable so let's examine 5 common indicators. Run-Off One of the earliest signs of soil instability is water running off at the site. This tends to be more frequent during rainstorms or snow melts, but it can happen on relatively dry days, too.