Scheduling Tree Removal Services With Young Children At Home

Scheduling any significant yard work or remodeling projects can come with some more considerations when you have young children that you need to base the project around. Since a lot of outdoor work can be quite loud, you don't want it to get in the way of your child's sleeping habits or interfere with their homework.  If you're planning on having a tree or several trees removed from your property, there's a lot to consider to ensure that the service is done smoothly and that your children won't be bothered by the work being done

Fallen Leaves And Your Landscape — Some Do's And Don'ts

As fall heads toward winter, trees all around your yard are undoubtedly shedding their old leaves. Aside from the joy of jumping in a big pile of these fallen leaves, should you gather them up and remove them? The answer depends. To help you find the right mix of raking and ignoring, here are a few key dos and don'ts for your dead leaves.  Do Remove Leaves From Hardscape Fallen leaves have little or no benefit when they're on hardscape — areas like your patio, porch, walkways, and paths.

Sod Installation: What To Know

If the idea of a beautiful lawn without a lot of seeding and watering is attractive to you, then sod may be your best bet. Sod installation can transform your property, but it does take some work. Your sod needs to be put in correctly to be able to flourish. A lot of prep work goes into it before sod can be put in place. Here are three things to know about laying down sod on your property.

5 Sprinkler Systems To Consider For Your Landscape

If you're ready to install a new sprinkler system, your first task is to choose what type of system will serve your yard best. There are a few options to choose from.  1. Traditional Pop-Up Systems When most people think of sprinkler systems, they are thinking of the pop-up system. Sprinkler lines are buried in the lawn, with attached sprinkler heads. When not in use, the sprinkler heads descend into the ground and out of sight.

Landscape Design Tips To Remember For Residential Property

If you care about your home's exterior, then you need to focus on landscape design. It involves putting together elements in a strategic manner for aesthetic and functional reasons. You can enhance your property's landscape design by following these suggestions.   Start Out Working With an Experienced Landscaper You may not have a clue where to start with enhancing your property's landscape design, but that's okay because you can find plenty of help from landscapers.