Home's Lawn Looks Bad? Install A Sod Lawn Instead

If your lawn looks bad sometimes it can be easier to remove it and start over. One thing you can do is to install a sod lawn. Below is information on how the sod is installed, and the many benefits this offers you.

Installing a Sod Lawn

You can hire a professional to install the sod lawn, which may be quicker and easier for you. The first thing the contractor will do is remove the grass and some of the old soil to end up with a level surface. They may use a sod cutter, which has sharp blades to remove the grass. They will then level the soil using a rake and make sure the soil is not compacted. New grass cannot grow through compacted soil. However, the contractor will know how to loosen the soil. 

They will then start the process of laying down the new sod. They will start at the edge of your landscaping and cover your entire lawn. During this process, they will be sure that the sod comes into contact with the soil as they are laying it. When they are finished, they will make sure the edges are trimmed and neat. They will then water the new sod. 

The contractor will tell you how to take care of the sod. For example, you will need to water it more frequently for the first few weeks. After this, the rain should provide enough moisture. 

Benefits of a Sod Lawn

The main benefit of a sod lawn is you will have an instant lawn and won't have to wait for grass seed to grow. A sodded lawn is generally ready within a couple of weeks instead of months. You only have to water sod for a few weeks, which is much shorter when compared to regular newly planted grass. Sod also reduces mud in your yard, which can be beneficial if you have children or pets that run around in the yard. They can also go outside and play quicker after it rains. 

You can find sod that works well for full sun and others that work well with shade. This means you can choose the grass that will grow best on your lawn, which is especially beneficial if your lawn has a lot of trees with shade or has part shade. 

Talk with the sodding service contractor and they can give you much more information.