How To Find Inspiration For Designing A New Landscape

Whether you're doing the job yourself or searching for landscape designers in your area, you may need to develop some inspiration before tackling your project. Here are 5 ways you can get inspired before you discuss your plans with a landscaping service provider. Assess the Property It's not unusual for a location to only be able to support certain types of plants, and landscape designers often make their choices accordingly. For example, a property that's on the shady side of a hill most of the day isn't a great place to grow plants that require loads of sun.

Maintenance Tips For Your Property And Landscaping

When it comes to the appearance of your home, spring and summer are great times to work on your yard in repairing winter damage and keeping up the improved condition through the growing season. The appearance of your lawn and concrete surfaces will only look as good as you keep them maintained. Here are some tips to keep your property and landscaping in a well-maintained condition for the best appearance.

Using Ornamental Grass Varieties to Add Color and Texture to Your Commercial Property

Ornamental grasses are low-maintenance vegetation that will add year round color to your business property and contrast with the flowering plants, shrubs, and patio furnishings that are located near the front of your office building. Learn more about incorporating ornamental grass onto your commercial property.  Choose Ornamental Varieties Most ornamental grasses require ample sunlight, nutrient-dense soil, and water. You can either purchase bags of grass seed and spread the contents across portions of the property that could benefit from a splash of color or you can purchase trays of ornamental grass and replant the blades around light poles, along walkways, or in flowerbeds.

Are You Planning An Outdoor Patio?

Even with the disturbing present health situation that is affecting the entire world, maybe you are looking ahead to summer. Hopefully, this pandemic will be a thing of the past and life will go on in a normal fashion. With that in mind, maybe you have decided to use these days to design an outdoor patio that you can enjoy with friends and family members. Is your design complete? if it is, you probably aren't interested in more ideas.