Maintenance Tips For Your Property And Landscaping

When it comes to the appearance of your home, spring and summer are great times to work on your yard in repairing winter damage and keeping up the improved condition through the growing season. The appearance of your lawn and concrete surfaces will only look as good as you keep them maintained. Here are some tips to keep your property and landscaping in a well-maintained condition for the best appearance.

Keep Your Lawn Tidy

Your lawn's condition and appearance will make a big impact on your yard's overall look, and you can keep it up with regular lawn care. Regular mowing, watering, and fertilization application will keep your lawn growing healthy and green. If you have weeds growing within or around the edges of your lawn, your yard will appear shabby and unkempt.

Be sure you keep up on the edges of your lawn with trimming, which will keep your pavement looking good as well. When your lawn is allowed to grow up on the edges of your pavement, it can shrink your concrete's surface appearance and also stain the concrete.

Some types of grass are more aggressive in their growth patterns, such as zoysia or Bermuda grass, and will grow outward in addition to upward. This can result in your lawn growing over the edges of your pavement, to make your concrete's edges disappear and a low of your lawn's straight and neat edges.

It is also recommended to keep control of your lawn's growth, as it can grow within the cracks of your concrete. Stay up on this growth with herbicides or pull the growth by hand. You can make hand-pulling grass overgrowth by softening the site with water a couple of hours before you pull them.

Clean and Protect Your Concrete Surfaces

Once you have your lawn and its growth patterns under control with trimming, edging, and mowing, you should also take the proper steps to clean and protect your concrete. Your concrete gets a lot of wear from weather, activities, and other staining conditions, which can make it look worse-for-wear.

Use a pressure washer periodically to remove any stains and spots to restore its appearance. Patch any cracks or surface damage with a concrete repair mixture, which you can do as a DIY task. You may next consider staining your concrete into a solid color to match your landscaping, or into a pattern, such as a cobblestone appearance. Once your concrete is cleaned and stained, you can seal it with a moisture barrier and discoloration protection from fading.

For more information on how to care for your concrete driveways and landscape, contact a company near you.