Using Ornamental Grass Varieties to Add Color and Texture to Your Commercial Property

Ornamental grasses are low-maintenance vegetation that will add year round color to your business property and contrast with the flowering plants, shrubs, and patio furnishings that are located near the front of your office building. Learn more about incorporating ornamental grass onto your commercial property. 

Choose Ornamental Varieties

Most ornamental grasses require ample sunlight, nutrient-dense soil, and water. You can either purchase bags of grass seed and spread the contents across portions of the property that could benefit from a splash of color or you can purchase trays of ornamental grass and replant the blades around light poles, along walkways, or in flowerbeds.

If you are unfamiliar with ornamental grass varieties, think back to your last trip to a beachside resort or another coastal location. You may have noticed long blades that were clumped together and that contained interesting textures and colors. These groupings were likely an ornamental grass variety. Unlike standard grass blades, ornamental ones tend to be wider and grow to an impressive height.

Because the blades will move when it is windy out and create a rustling sound that some people find to be soothing, ornamental grass is a favored landscaping product that can transform a basic plot of land into one that is pleasing to the senses. Choose grass varieties based upon their physical traits and plan on spreading the grass seed or replanting the groups of blades during the weekend or after your office building has closed for the day.

Set Up a Distinct Pattern or a Natural Display

If you decided to purchase several ornamental grass varieties and want to add uniformity to your property, use a systematic approach to spread the grass seed or plant the blades. Before beginning the project, clear the property where the grass will be added to. Use a lawnmower and a weed whacker to trim the blades that comprise the lawn and to eliminate weeds or overgrowth that is adjacent to the areas where the ornamental grass will be located.

For a natural display that involves mixing various grass varieties, choose a few areas of the property that you would like to accent. Clear grass or weeds from each spot. Create shallow furrows and sprinkle the ornamental grass seeds evenly across the ground.

If you are transplanting blades that have already matured in height, dig trenches and plant the base of the grass seed plants inside of them. While you are waiting for the blades to harvest or take root, use temporary fencing to prevent people from walking across the areas where the fresh seeds and vegetation are located.

Learn more about ornamental grass by contacting grass landscaping companies.