Beautiful Ways To Blend Landscaping And Outdoor Water Features

Water is an essential element. Including water in your landscaping can create a sense of serenity and beauty to your yard. This effect is heightened when you blend the water feature with plants. Make over your backyard landscaping to include a water feature that adds both visual interest and a relaxing atmosphere. Secluded Lounge As the Landscaping Network points out, a relaxing atmosphere really is a boon of having an outdoor water feature.

Three Topsoil Mistakes To Avoid

Whether it's your garden or lawn, soil is the most important ingredient when it comes to green, lush growth. Topsoil is a term that is used often, but it's important to know what it is. Although technically topsoil just refers to the top couple of inches of soil on any plot of land, when it comes to growing healthy plants, the word actually has a more loaded meaning. Topsoil in this case should be a top layer that is rich in organic matter and nutrients.

Tips For Creating A Privacy Hedge With Plants

If you long for more privacy in your yard, you could install a fence if you would like; however, fences can be expensive and can require a lot of maintenance. Instead, you could consider hiring a landscaping company to build you a privacy hedge with plants. This option offers a great natural type of fence that will look nice and serve the purpose of obtaining more privacy. Here are several things to know about privacy fences made with plants.

Insight To Help You Install And Maintain A Lush And Healthy Lawn

A green, lush lawn in your yard helps create a cool outdoor area during the heat of summer and, along with other vegetation, can help keep your home cool. When you are installing your yard's landscaping and want to install a lawn, there are several ways you can accomplish this. A successful method to install a lawn when you are working with a limited budget is with hydroseeding. Here is some insight to help you successfully take care of your newly-growing hydroseed lawn and help it become established and mature for you to enjoy for many years.

4 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Low maintenance landscape designs will give you a beautiful outdoor space that doesn't require you to give up your weekends and evenings to yard work. Low maintenance landscape design also tends to use much less water, making it a more eco-friendly option that also helps you save money on your water bills. Here are four ideas for low maintenance landscape design: Add a Stone Patio A stone patio looks great and complements a variety of home designs, while also being incredibly low maintenance.