A Quick Look At The Process Of Installing A New Stamped Concrete Patio

If your home doesn't have a patio, you're missing the opportunity to have outdoor living space. You can use your patio as an outdoor kitchen or lounging area. With the addition of an awning, a patio can double as another room for your home as long as the outdoor temperature is comfortable. There are several options for a patio surface, and stamped concrete is a good one. It starts with a concrete base and then a design is stamped into it before it dries. This creates a look of expensive stone. Here are some of the steps involved in creating your new patio.

The Boundaries Are Marked

You can do this yourself to get an idea of how big you want the patio to be. Just get some stakes and string and mark off the boundaries. When the contractor starts on the patio, he or she will mark the official boundaries in a similar way once the area is measured for precision. Until then, you can set your own stakes so you can better visualize how you want the patio designed.

The Base Is Prepped

Making the base for your new patio is an important step. If it isn't done just right, your patio may sag or crack. The grass must be stripped off and roots and rocks dug out so there is nothing but soil. The soil is then tamped down in order to compact it so it won't shift. The contractor will use machinery for this step so the soil is compacted well. In addition to tamping down the soil, the contractor ensures the base is level so the concrete will be level when it dries. When the soil is compacted, a layer of gravel is added and tamped down to add stability to the base.

The Concrete Is Poured And Stamped

Once the base is ready, wood frames are placed around the sides of the patio to hold the cement in place until it cures. The cement is then poured on the base of gravel and soil and allowed to partially dry. Stamping is done before the concrete is totally dry so the stamps can make an impression in the cement. You can choose shapes that replicate various types of stones and the contractor can add color pigments that make the stones look real. Once the work is dry, your patio looks like it is made of luxurious stone rather than concrete. You'll have a beautiful space that's ideal for entertaining and dining outdoors.

When you're ready to add a patio to your home, consult with a builder from companies like Advanced  Landscape Solutions about all your options when it comes to designs and materials to use. Outdoor living spaces are very popular right now and that has created an entire market for outdoor furniture, fireplaces, and kitchens that help you get the best use of the additional space.