Four Things To Know Before You Plant A Walnut Tree

Walnuts are delicious and nutritious. If you love using them in your baking or just eating them as a snack, then you might be considering planting a walnut tree on your property. But while this can be a great way to gain access to your favorite nut, growing walnuts is not always as easy as you may assume. Here are four things to know before you plant a walnut tree.

A Closer Look At The Advantages Of Hydroseeding Your Yard

Your green grass is looking a little patchy lately and you know that sowing it with grass seed is a chore that is in your near future. When you start researching the best ways to place grass seed, you are bound to come across the idea of hydroseeding. Hydroseeding involves distributing the seeds as part of a slurried mixture of liquid and then covering it with ulch. While this may sound like a lot of work when you could simply distribute the seed yourself by hand in the traditional dry manner, hydroseeding is definitely the better option.

A Strong Lawn With Smart Technology - Advantages Of Drip Irrigation At Home

When most people think of watering their lawn, they picture a sprinkler spraying water back and forth over a large area with droplets of water blown around in the breeze. While sprinklers can be fun for children to play in, they have some obvious drawbacks that are addressed by a more direct form of lawn care. Drip irrigation involves laying tubes across your lawn with drip spouts that directly apply water to the surface.

Live Near A Busy Road? 3 Landscaping Tips For Noise Reduction

A quiet and peaceful home is at the top of many people's wish lists. However, this can be hard to achieve when the home is next to a busy road. Noise from cars, trucks, and other vehicles can make a home feel more like a busy intersection than a peaceful retreat. While soundproofing inside the home can be a big help, the noise can still be a big problem outside the home.

Tree Trimming Services

Having well-groomed trees in your yard can give you much-needed shade, and add a great deal of character to your yard. However, if the trees start to get out of control, they can cause a lot of damage to your property. One of the most common problems homeowners run into with trees is when they grow into power lines. This is extremely unsafe and needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible.