When Is It Worth Giving Your Landscape A Total Makeover?

Redoing an entire landscape is a lot of work, and it can also get expensive. As such, it's pretty common for homeowners to make small changes here and there, as needed, instead of redoing their entire landscape at once. But there are times when a total landscape makeover really is a better option. Here are some of those situations.

Your landscape is eroding.

Erosion can be a real issue in areas where the soil is sandy or less stable. You may notice that one part of your yard keeps sinking lower and lower while soil gets washed towards another part of the year, which keeps building up. This problem is hard to solve without re-doing the entire landscape. A landscaping team can remove the soil that has washed out and return it to its original location. But they also can and should take other steps to keep this from happening again. Those other steps may be planting trees or shrubs with root systems that reduce erosion, installing a retaining wall, or adding some heavier materials to the soil.

The plants need too much maintenance.

Do you feel like you're always having to water, feed, and otherwise care for the plants in your landscape? This is a common complaint when a landscape has been planned with a lot of non-native plants. If you stop caring for them, they die, which is because they are so poorly adapted to the natural soil and climate in your area. The best approach in a situation like this is usually to rip everything up and start over. You can then select native plants that require less water, fertilization, and other care.

You're trying to sell the home.

If you're trying to sell the home and the landscape isn't up to par, you are usually better off ripping it out and starting over rather than trying to fix things piece by piece. While totally redoing the landscape will cost you more, there's a good return on investment here. Totally redoing the landscape will get more eyes on your property and invite more offers, driving up the amount of money that people are willing to pay for the home. In a situation like this, just make sure the landscape design you choose is versatile and low-maintenance. 

If you'd like a new landscape, contact a landscaping service in your area. It's often easier to make this decision with a quote in hand.