3 Signs It Is Time For Emergency Tree Removal

Trees are an important part of your home's landscape. Besides creating a natural ambiance, they provide good shade for your property. However, as they grow through different stages, trees may begin to develop certain complications for various reasons. Some of these include invasion by pests, natural weather conditions like heavy rains and storms, aging, and diseases. For this reason, if not removed immediately, they may pose a danger to people, pets, houses, and many others. If you notice any of this, you need to take immediate action and have them cut down. Here are common signs that it's time to cut down a tree from your backyard.

Damaged Roots 

Roots are an important part of the growth and development of trees. They supply water and nutrients for the tree to nourish and survive even in drought. In addition, they offer much-needed support to ensure that the tree remains in an upright position without falling. Therefore, if you notice protruding roots that are drying off, there could be a serious problem. For instance, your tree may no longer receive water and nutrients, and most importantly, it may eventually fall due to a lack of support. Therefore, if you notice damaged roots, make immediate plans to cut them down to avoid any risky outcomes.

Leaning Branches

As your trees develop and branches increase, you may notice them leaning over time. In essence, leaning is a natural sign as plants would grow in the direction of sunlight. However, if you notice that the leaning is unique and inconsistent from the usual, the entire plant could be compromised. For this reason, it will be best to reach out to professional tree removal services to have it cut down. 

Dead Branches

A healthy tree should have its branches healthy and well-positioned. In most cases, you may only consider trimming to put them in shape and control their growth. However, if you notice that some branches are gradually dying off, it could signify that the tree is infected and may need total removal for safety purposes. Generally, large dead branches, especially at the tree's canopy, indicate that it's struggling to survive.

The safety of your home is crucial. While most of the work can be done on a DIY basis, it is always best to engage the help of a tree removal professional. Trees could cause more trouble if they are cut down without properly considering where they would likely fall.

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