Lawn Care Services For A Healthier Lawn

Although many home and business owners might forget about their grass during winter, now might be the time to spend a little extra time on your lawn. Lawn care services can give you the professional knowledge, tools, and resources to help you maintain a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Here are some tips for keeping your lawn in top condition.

Create a Schedule

Professional lawn care services can meet with you to develop a schedule to keep your lawn in top shape. When developing the schedule, speak honestly with your lawn care services contractors about how you want your grass to look.

  • Mow Regularly: having a lawn care services professional mow your grass at least once a week during the growing season with professional-grade mowers prevent the grass from getting too long, which can lead to disease and weed problems. You can discuss the ideal length of your grass and the amount of edging you want.

Water and Fertilize

Providing your lawn with the water and nutrients it needs to thrive can be key to maintaining a beautiful lawn.

  • Water Deeply: when watering your grass, water deeply but infrequently. This will encourage deep root growth and help the grass withstand drought conditions. Watering early in the morning will allow the grass to dry off before evening. It's important to remember that damp grass can be more susceptible to disease.
  • Fertilize: lawn care services professionals can create a fertilization schedule appropriate for your grass type and climate. Because over-fertilization can lead to excess growth and an increased need for mowing, you'll want to be sure you work with experienced lawn care professionals.

Spray, Aerate, and Repair

Professional lawn care services can help you control weeds while also aerating your lawn and repairing bald patches.

  • Spray: keeping weeds in check by using an herbicide. Be sure to use an herbicide that is safe for your grass type and can help it thrive with less water.
  • Aerate: aerating the soil helps to improve the structure of the soil and allows water, air, and nutrients to reach the grass roots more easily. This can be done once or twice a quarter when your lawn care services contractor works on your lawn.
  • Repair: if you have bare or damaged areas in your lawn, you can have your lawn care services professionals overseed the area with grass seed. It will be important to be sure to prepare the soil properly and water the seed regularly until it has established itself.

For more information, reach out to a lawn care service, such as OnPoint Lawncare.