Properly Caring For A Concrete Driveway

If you are interested in having a concrete driveway installed upon your property, you are likely excited about the polished appearance and improved curbside appeal it will provide. There are a few steps to take to keep your concrete surface in the best possible condition.

Keep Your Concrete Driveway Clean And Seal It Regularly

One of the best ways to keep concrete looking like new is by performing routine cleaning sessions on its surface. When debris builds up on top of concrete, it tends to leave behind unsightly stains, especially if moisture accumulates around the debris. Keep a push broom or leaf blower on hand to remove loose debris regularly. For caked-on debris, use a garden hose or pressure washer to push it away from the concrete.

The surface of a concrete driveway will fade over time. To revitalize its appearance, apply a sealer. This agent is found at a hardware store and can be placed on top of concrete easily. If you have trouble finding an appropriate sealing agent, contact your concrete contractor for assistance.

Take Care Of Stains When They Happen

If you happen to spill something upon your concrete driveway, it may cause stains to occur. Do not allow any staining agent to remain on your driveway and instead get right to work at removing the agent to minimize the possibility of discoloration. Engine oil, gasoline, lawn care products, pest control products, and grease all cause staining of concrete. Wash down the area where you had the spill occur as soon as possible. A stain remover can also be applied to the location if necessary.

Avoid Excessive Weight And Sharp Objects

Concrete provides a smooth surface when used on a driveway. It is important, however, to avoid placing large, heavy items upon concrete to avoid indentations or cracking. If you need to use a heavy piece of machinery, rest it upon a grass or dirt surface rather than upon your driveway. Instead of using a snow plow to remove precipitation, use a snow blower or shovel to keep your concrete driveway from becoming scraped.

Do Not Use Products For Ice Removal On Concrete

Ice removal products include chemicals that can cause concrete to become damaged when there is a fluctuation of melting and freezing of precipitation. If you live in an area where ice is prevalent, it is best to refrain from using chemical agents but instead, turn to the use of sand or salt. 

Reach out to a concrete contractor to learn more about concrete driveways and how to care for them.