Small Urban Lot? 5 Professional Landscaping Is Even More Vital

Homeowners with only small properties in dense urban areas may not have much yard space to work with. But does the small square footage make it less important? Should you spend the extra to have it landscaped with a custom design? The answer is that your small yard may warrant a specialist even more than a wide-open space. Here's why. 

1. Less Room for Error. When you have a large yard, you can experiment, try different ideas, and work around mistakes. Misjudged the mature spread of a tree? That's okay because there's space for it to grow. Decide later that you want to add a garden? You have room. But when you have very limited space, you must get things right the first time. 

2. Nearby Neighbors. Urban settings are often noisy and lack some privacy. If your neighbors, surrounding businesses, and/or road traffic could intrude on your enjoyment of outdoor areas, you need someone versed in boosting privacy. A professional will personalize insulating tricks like using vertical space and layering to block out both views and noise pollution. 

3. Overlapping Uses. Those with large lots can spread out their outdoor activities. They might have a large patio for entertaining and still have room for the kids to play elsewhere. You have to squeeze it all into one confined space. This takes more creativity and experience. It may take quite a bit of thinking outside the box, in fact, and the right help will make this a success. 

4. Community Rules. What rules must you follow when planning your outdoor landscape? You may be subject to city zoning requirements, homeowners association rules, and local ordinances for the neighborhood or for historic properties. Let a professional help you learn about and understand all the rules you face, then find the best ways of executing your vision within them. 

5. Size and Scale Challenges. Scale is a key principle of good landscape design. It refers to the way various elements fit in with each other, size-wise. In a small yard, overly large plants — or even just leaves — may dwarf the space. However, the right use of scale through perspective can make it look larger. If you aren't a trained professional, you may not know how to use scale well in a confined location. 

Where to Start

Ready to get help customizing your small urban setting? Clearly, the challenges you face make the right skilled professional one of your best investments. Meet with a custom landscaping service today to learn how they can make your yard into a private wonderland.