Seeding Your Lawn? Avoid These Very Common Mistakes

There are several necessary steps to create a beautiful lawn, including fertilizing and creating the ideal soil condition. However, one of the most critical steps is applying the lawn seed itself, which must be done correctly in order for your lawn to flourish. Unfortunately, there are several common mistakes homeowners make when seeding their lawn that can ruin the appearance of their yard. Here are a few.

Not Properly Preparing the Soil

Before you even purchase grass seed, it is critical to prepare your soil properly. The first step is having your soil tested. This can be done in several ways, including purchasing a test kit or by hiring a professional to test your soil. If you choose to test your soil, make sure to get samples from several spots in your yard and according to the package directions.

Use the soil testing to amend your soil, which will ensure it has the proper pH balance to encourage your lawn to grow. Next, till your soil to ensure proper drainage, remove any weeds and larger rocks, and if you choose, install a sprinkler system.

Choosing the Wrong Type of Seed

One of the most critical aspects of reseeding your lawn is choosing the right type of seed. This can be confusing so if you have any questions, consulting a professional is a great option. Typically, you will choose the seed that is best for your environment because this will ensure the seeds will thrive and grow.

Another important factor is how much sun the lawn will receive. Choose a seed that is ideal for the level of shade in your yard. This might mean choosing different varieties of seeds for the various parts of your yard.

Applying the Seed at the Wrong Time

There are several factors to consider when choosing the ideal time to seed your lawn. For example, in some areas of the country it is best to seed your lawn in spring after the soils have reached an ideal temperature. This will ensure the seeds germinate and will grow at the ideal rate. In other climates, seeding your lawn in early autumn is the best option because of the cooler temperatures.

Once again, if you are not sure about the ideal time and rate to plant your grass seeds, it is best to contact a professional lawncare service like Rock Solid Services LLC.

From applying the seeds at the wrong time to choosing seeds that will not thrive on your property, when it comes to seeding your lawn, there are several common mistakes you should avoid.