4 Mulching Services For An Attractive Landscape

A landscaping service does a lot more than tend to the grass. These services are dedicated to the maintenance of the entire yard, including the bare soil in garden beds, under trees and shrubs, or in waste areas such as parking strips and near outdoor HVAC units. If you have bare soil anywhere in your landscaping, then you need to inquire about mulching services. 

1. Mulch Containment

A common error with mulching is to pile it on and then become frustrated when it travels into the grass or creeps over neighboring paving. Edging in the area before mulching is the key to properly containing it. Some landscaping services may offer edging installation and maintenance as an add-on option to your regular lawn service. 

2. Weed Lining

Mulch alone doesn't always stop weeds, especially stubborn ones like crabgrass or dandelions. This is where lining the beds in landscaping fabric prior to mulching helps. Annual beds and those with no plants are easiest to line, while those that have perennial plants in them take a bit more care to ensure the lining doesn't constrict the garden plants already in place. Weed lining can last for many years, so replacement is an infrequent task for your landscapers. 

3. Type Selection

There are lots of options when it comes to mulch. The type you choose depends on the purpose and your cosmetic preferences. Wood mulches are attractive and can be used nearly anywhere. Plus, it's heavy enough so that it won't blow away. Pine straw is another attractive option for under evergreens, but it isn't as suitable in windy areas. Rock mulch is heavy enough to stay in place, but it isn't suitable everywhere. Save it for areas without plants, paths, and in beds with those plants that prefer drier conditions. 

4. Debris Cleanup

One complaint homeowners have about mulch is that it can look bad once dead leaves and other debris collects in it. Fortunately, landscapers are pretty adept at keeping your mulch looking great. Organic mulches like wood chips usually just need to be raked and replenished to look beautiful again. Rock mulches are a little more difficult to clear of debris. Your landscapers will use leaf blowers and special rock mulch rakes to keep these clean and attractive. The landscapers should also offer weed removal services, so you never have to worry about unwanted plants in your mulched beds. 

Contact a residential landscaping contractor in your area for help with the mulching needs of your yard.