4 Ways Landscapers Make Your Business Safer

Landscaping is an important part of any business property or campus. Not only is an attractive landscape more welcoming to clients and staff alike, but it will also be safer for visitors and workers on your site. Your landscapers do more than tend the grass, they also manage risks so the property is safe and secure. Here are a few things that a landscaping business can do for your business:

1. Clear Hiding Places 

Theft and robbery can be a risk anywhere. Your landscapers will keep trees and shrubs around parking areas trimmed and thinned so that thieves and parking lot car prowlers won't have a hiding place. Your landscapers will also keep the landscaping trimmed low or at least thin enough so no one can hide near entrances, particularly those that require a key to use, which helps prevent people from sneaking into a building. 

2. Implement Traffic Controls

There are a couple of reasons to encourage people to stick to sidewalks and official routes into your building. First, you don't want people to accidentally damage your landscaping when taking a shortcut. Second, it's safer if people stay on accepted paths. Your landscapers will edge and trim so paths are clear and easy to use. They can also make changes to the landscape to discourage people from cutting across the property, such as planting low shrubs to block common shortcut spots.

3. Avoid Water Hazards

Poor drainage can be a problem in a way to many landscapes. Standing water can lead to slip and fall concerns, plus it can drive people to cut through the grass or a flower bed if the puddle obstructs a sidewalk. Your landscapers will keep storm drains clear of leaves and debris so that water drains properly. They can also implement landscaping tricks, such as a rain garden or putting in a swale, to help drain the excess or at least route the runoff to an accepted drainage spot. 

4. Landscaping Risk Mitigation

Weekly landscape maintenance, particularly in the growing season, mitigates a lot of risk on your property. Your landscapers will keep trees trimmed, so you won't have to worry about risks such as a dead branch falling on a client. Obstructions on sidewalks, such as piles of fallen leaves, can also be cleared away frequently so that the next rainstorm doesn't turn leaves into a slippery surface. Many landscaping maintenance services also provide snow and ice removal during the winter, which means your landscaping can be safe year-round. 

Contact a commercial landscape maintenance service if you would like to improve both the beauty and the safety of your business property.