Recommendations For Successful Weed Control Methods

Weeds have been a problem since the beginning of time and can ruin your most well-planned out landscaping and make your vegetation look overgrown and shabby. To get ahead of weeds requires dedication from the start of spring before they can become too large and overgrown, but you can also complete some yard care methods and apply herbicides to stay on top of them for the rest of the growing season. Here are some recommendations that you can use to help your landscaping with good weed control methods.

Use Layering Techniques

When you have weeds growing in an area of your yard where you don't want any vegetation growing, there are some easy methods you can use to kill them and prevent further growth. By layering in a material, you can smother weeds and their seeds to stop them from germinating and cover the surface with an attractive mulch. 

Look to see if you have newspapers on hand, which make a great ground covering material. Soak the newspaper in water for a few hours, then cover the soil with it using several sheets at a time to layer over the soil. When the newspaper dries, it will harden and protect against weeds growing through. Then, over time the newspaper will begin to decompose and break down back into the soil. And when you apply a covering of wood bark mulch, this provides the area with an extra barrier and an attractive covering.

Landscaping fabric is also another option to help you keep your weed growth under control, which you can layer over the soil. You can use pea gravel, landscape rock, or another type of organic mulch with the fabric to help protect the area from weed growth.

Follow Good Irrigation

The methods you use for irrigation can also help you control the weed growth in your yard. The more water that ends up in areas of soil that are void of landscaping growth, the more weed seeds will germinate. So, watch how you deliver water to your plants and vegetation so you don't use aerial watering methods. Instead, install drip irrigation or soaker tubing in these areas. 

Wind the tubing and irrigation lines through your vegetation so the water drips and seeps right down into the soil where your plant roots are established. This prevents evaporation and runoff loss to your water in addition to helping to prevent weed growth. Then, where you find occasional weeds coming up, use a good herbicide to treat the growth and stop it from progressing.

For more information, reach out to a professional who provides weed control services.