Adding Water Features To Your Property

If you are a homeowner who is ready to make some changes to your landscaping, you may have considered adding a few features that incorporate water. Water provides a relaxing feel to a property as well as a source of entertainment. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Add A Pond Complete With Koi Fish

A koi pond is a feature that many find attractive and pleasing to a landscape's aesthetics. Before you get started, it is best to do a bit of research about the care of koi so they will thrive in the environment you provide for them. A landscaping service will take the time to dig out a pond in the shape you specify. They will add an aeration and filtration system, giving the fish you place in the water a safe place to live. During the wintertime months, your pond needs to be covered. 

Incorporate A Fountain To Enjoy

The sound of trickling water will provide you and your guests with a feeling of calmness. Watching water as it moves through a fountain mechanism is also relaxing. Ask a landscaping designer to show you examples of different fountain setups and select one that suits your personal enjoyment. After the apparatus is put into place, the design service will add rocks, stones, and foliage around the fountain to complete the feature. Be sure to place a bench nearby so you can enjoy the view.

Give Birds A Place To Bathe

If you do not wish to use electricity, pumps, or heating systems to keep a water feature in working order, a birdbath is an alternative that allows for the accumulation of water in a simple manner. Landscaping services have access to many different birdbath styles, giving you the power to design your property according to your specific needs and wants. After the landscaping service places the bath, it can be dressed up with a variety of plants around the base.

Add Streams For A Natural Look

If you enjoy the outdoors and wish you had a stream on your property, it can be added by a landscaping design service with ease. A trench is dug from your property, a liner is placed inside, and water is pumped through the area to give your land an exciting new look and feel. Boulders, stones, and foliage are added to each side of the stream, as well as some inside, to make it feel as if the water source has been in place for years.

Talk to landscape designers if you want a backyard water feature