4 Considerations for Building a Zen Garden

A zen garden can be a place for quiet reflection, an aesthetic that contrasts with the lush foliage around it, and a way to display calming raked pebble designs in your landscape. Here are four considerations when you're looking to build a zen garden in your yard.

1. Choosing the best spot

Your zen garden will need to be placed in a flat area to avoid erosion. You can either create a flat area or choose an area in your yard that's already flat. In addition, you'll want to look for a spot that's somewhat sheltered away from busy areas if you're planning to use the garden as a meditative getaway space.

2. Finding the best rock

Typically, a type of landscape rock such as very small pebbles is considered ideal for zen gardening. To meet this requirement, you could shop for pea gravel that's smoothly rounded and very fine. Or you may want to consider using crushed rock or gravel that has small, fine pieces.

Take a look at different zen gardens to see which aesthetic you prefer. And remember, the smaller the rocks you choose, the easier they may be to rake into designs and patterns, but only up to a point. Particles as small as sand don't hold a pattern as easily, which is why small rocks are typically chosen over sand.

3. Finding a supplier who will deliver

Rock is not fun to haul in your family car, so be sure you choose a company that will deliver your pebbles or gravel to your yard. If they'll agree to deliver them right to the spot where you need them, that may be even better. Just make sure they won't have to drive their truck over a lawn or some other delicate landscape feature.

4. Choosing and placing boulders and other focal points

Pebbles or gravel aren't the only types of rock used in a zen garden. While the small rock is used for the largest area, larger rocks are often placed as centerpieces or focal points within the garden. Check to see if your landscape supplier will also sell and deliver larger rocks, such as a boulder or two for the middle of the garden.

As you can see, a large part of the zen garden you'll build has to do with landscape rock. Contact a local landscape rock company like B&D Gravel to learn more about what's available in your area.