Autumn Tree Trimming Before And After Storms To Protect Your Landscaping

The autumn weather could bring storms to your home this year, and you want to make sure your trees are safe. Therefore, trimming should be done to prevent damage and hazards. You will want to do the tree trimming before and after storms come through your neighborhood. The following tree trimming information will help you make sure trees are safe before and after severe weather:

Inspect trees before storms come—Before there are any storms, you will want to inspect your trees for problems that need to be addressed. Some of the problems with your trees that you want to look for include:

  • Old overgrown branches
  • Insect and disease infestations
  • Dead branches
  • Growth close to structures or utility lines

Inspect your trees and look for these problems before storms come and trim branches that may cause hazards.

Trim the overgrown and heavy branches—Sometimes, the tree branches can have a lot of new growth. This is often something that depends on the year and rainfall, but when the branches become overgrown and too heavy, they are going to need to be trimmed before the next storm. When you notice branches that are sagging due to their own weight, it is a good idea to trim them back before they damage the tree.

Remove any hazardous dead growth—Another problem that can happen with your trees during the warmer season is dead branches. This can happen due to insects, disease, or just old growth. Sometimes, these old, dead branches can be a hazard during storms. Therefore, any dead growth should be removed before the autumn storms come. You may want to do this before leaves fall from the trees or mark the branches to be trimmed later.

Inspect and trim trees after storms pass—After a storm has passed through your area, there may not be fallen branches, but there could be damage. Therefore, inspect your trees after storms and looks for signs like sagging or cracked branches. Remove branches that have been damaged in severe weather to protect your trees from further damage during the next storm that comes through. Trimming the tree branches after a storm will also reduce problems with winter storms and ice that can cause hazards around your home.

The right tree trimming before and after stormy weather will keep your home safe from hazards caused by trees. Contact a tree trimming service if your trees need to be trimmed.