Why Artificial Turf Can Be A Good Choice Around A Swimming Pool

If you've recently added a swimming pool to your backyard and you're doing some landscaping around it, you might wish to think about the merits of artificial turf. Homeowners use this low-maintenance ground covering in a variety of ways, including around their swimming pools. Installing artificial turf around the pool will dramatically change the appearance of your yard. Most importantly, it will offer a number of functionality benefits that you and your family members will appreciate. Here are some reasons why artificial turf can be a good choice surrounding a swimming pool:

It Doesn't Get Slippery

Natural grass can get very slippery when it's wet, and you can expect anything around the perimeter of the pool to get wet from people splashing and jumping. Even though you might make an effort to curtail children from running around the pool, this behavior can occasionally happen. When a child runs on wet grass, he or she has a higher risk of slipping — which can lead to a fall and potentially a serious injury. Artificial turf isn't nearly as slippery as natural grass when it's wet, which makes movement around the outside of the pool much safer.

It Isn't Messy

Wet grass in a high-traffic area such as around a swimming pool quickly gets trampled down. This not only hurts the health of the grass, but also starts to make the area muddy. As children walk through the mud, their feet will pick it up and carry it into the pool. This, of course, leads to water that can become murky, requiring you to run the pool filter more. Additionally, children with wet, muddy feet can make a mess when they walk into the house. Artificial turf isn't messy in these ways, which can be ideal for any homeowner.

It's Resilient

When you have children and adults walking around the swimming pool repeatedly, the grass can suffer and become an eyesore. Additionally, splashed water — regardless of whether you have a chlorine pool or a saltwater pool — can be detrimental to the health of the grass, causing it to turn yellow and die. Artificial turf is highly resilient to traffic and won't be affected by pool water, which means that it will look just as appealing years from now as the day that you install it. Contact a local artificial turf service to learn about the different types of turf that are available, as well as to obtain a quote.