Reasons You May Have A Brown Spot In Your Yard

Dry spots in the yard can be unsightly, and if the grass dies out and needs replacing, they can also be costly. There are are several things that can cause just a small area of the lawn to turn brown or yellow. The following can help you pinpoint the cause so it can be fixed before the grass dies.

Urine damage

Dog urine is the likely culprit if the spots are relatively small and near a sidewalk. Often, the grass around the margin of the brown spot will be greener than the rest of the lawn. This is because the excessive nitrogen from the urine causes the grass to die at ground zero, but it is just enough further out to feed the grass and make it healthier. If you know the culprit, you can plan to water after the dog has walked by, as this will dilute the urine. Otherwise, fencing in the yard may be the only way to prevent future urine spots.

Grub dieback

Grubs are the larval form of Japanese beetles. They live beneath the soil, where they eat the roots of your grass. If the brown patch of grass can be lifted from the ground, then grubs are the likely cause. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to save the affected grass. You can have the lawn treated for grubs, though. Wait until after the treatment has been effective before replanting the lawn.

Compacted soil

Compacted soil leads to drought conditions and grass death. To counteract this, aerate the soil once a year. Core aeration loosens the soil so moisture can more easily soak down to the roots.

Broken sprinklers

Often, the cause of a brown spot is a broken or obstructed sprinkler head. Turn on the sprinkler system and monitor the browned out area. Verify that the sprinkler covers the area and that it isn't being blocked by an overhanging tree or similar obstruction. You can adjust or replace the head as needed to remedy any issues.

Fungal infection

A fungal infection can kill the grass foliage if left untreated. These lawn fungal infections are often called patch diseases. Some create small patches of brown, while others form in rings. There may even be mushrooms sprouting when the fungus is fruiting. The application of fungicides along with proper lawn care are the normal methods for saving the grass.

Contact a lawn service like Esposito's Landscaping & Lawn Care for more help in diagnosing or treating a brown spot in the yard.