Adding A Patio To Your Yard

Increasing the amount of usable space that you have in your yard is important for maximizing the enjoyment that you are able to get from your yard. The process of adding a patio is a fairly routine upgrade, but homeowners often lack some of the information that they need to oversee this change to their property.

Will The Patio Need To Be Elevated?

Depending on the terrain surrounding your home, it can be necessary to raise the patio to prevent it from flooding or experiencing other problems. However, this is not always necessary. In fact, it can be possible to ensure that the patio is level with the rest of the soil, which can reduce the risk of tripping on the patio when you are stepping onto or off of it.

Is Concrete The Best Material For A Patio?

Concrete is a common material to for backyard patio installation services. It is extremely affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and durable. However, it is not the only option that is available to homeowners that are wanting to install a patio. Stone tiles and wood planks can be other popular materials for use in patios.

Why Is A Soil Test Recommended Before Installing A New Patio?

A new patio will be extremely heavy, and individuals often fail to appreciate the impact that this can have on the soil. The intense weight can compress the soil. If the soil in this area is extremely loose, it can experience erosion or other problems if it is not stabilized before the patio is installed. Soil testing can alert you to whether this stabilization is needed. Soil grouting can be extremely effective for stabilizing soil before adding a patio, but it may also be possible to use specially designed poles that are inserted into the ground to more evenly distribute the weight.

Are Patios Difficult To Maintain Or Repair?

A patio should not be very difficult to keep in good condition, but you will want to regularly clean it with a pressure washer to remove stains and grime from it. Additionally, any damage to the patio should be quickly repaired. Homeowners that have raised patios will need to be particularly diligent about this repair. Otherwise, sections of the patio could fail, which may lead to individuals falling through it and sustaining injuries. Luckily, patio repairs are often fairly quick and affordable. By keeping the contact information of the contractors that installed the patio, you will be able to ensure that future repairs are handled by professionals that are familiar with your home's patio.