3 Drought Tolerant Landscaping Design Ideas For Greener Exteriors

With dry weather getting worse every year, you may want to have a landscaping design that is resistant to droughts and hot weather. There are many things that can be done to make your landscaping more drought-tolerant, such as using hardscaping or native plants. Here are some ideas that will help make your landscaping design more drought tolerant:

1. Using Stone and Gravel for Hardscaping Ground Covers

Stone and gravel are some of the best choices of materials to use when creating a drought-tolerant landscaping design.  You can use larger stones to create garden areas that have a natural look and fewer plants. Use different colors and shapes of gravel materials to cover ground in flower beds and other areas of your landscaping. You can even use different styles of gravel materials to create patterns and artistic designs in the custom landscaping design around your new home.

2. Native Plant Landscaping Designs That Are Hardy and Drought-Tolerant

There are also native plants that are a good choice for drought-tolerant landscaping designs. You may want to consider using cactus and native grasses to add color and life to areas where you have used stone and gravel for the landscaping design. If you are going to use some type of climbing vines in your landscaping design, consider grape species that are native to North America, which will also give you an edible fruit that can be harvested in fall, and they are also easier to maintain than non-native plants like English ivy. There are also small native shrubs that can be used to give landscaping color, such as mountain laurel or azaleas.

3. Using Artificial Turf and Plants in Your Landscaping Design

Another option that you may want to consider for a landscaping that is resistant to dry weather is artificial turf. Artificial turf requires a minimal amount of watering to prevent weathering and wear, but it much easier to maintain than real grass. If you are having new turf installed, there are many products available today that look and feel like real grass. There are also other artificial plants that you may want to consider using, such as green fence covering materials that will help give your outdoor living space more privacy.

These are some ideas that will help make your landscaping design more drought-resistant for dry summer weather. When you are ready to give your home a more drought-tolerant landscape, contact a landscaping contractor service and talk with them about these ideas. For more information, contact companies like Colourscape Inc.