3 Different Styles Of Retaining Walls

Small retaining walls can be a vital part of your landscaping and yard design. Some experts call this hardscaping. Regardless of what you call them, retaining walls need to be functional first, and stylish second. This does not mean you need to sacrifice style when it comes to building a retaining wall in your yard. There are many different ways to build a retaining wall. This article highlights a few of the most popular ones. Some of these projects are easier than others, making them more popular among DIY homeowners.

Stucco Walls

Stucco retaining walls are durable, easy to paint, and can be built to just about any height. They are probably the most common type of retaining wall on residential properties. Usually, a stucco wall is made out of large cinderblocks that are held together with mortar. Then, the stucco surface is applied afterward to give it texture and style. The great thing about stucco is that it is very easy to paint.

There are a few drawbacks to stucco. First of all, stucco can stain easily. This is a major consideration if you are planting near your wall and filling it with soil. Grass and soil can stain stucco and they can be very hard to clean off. But, stucco is one of the easiest materials to paint. You have the ability to paint it any color imaginable. Stucco retaining walls look best if your house also has stucco walls.

Raw Brick or Cinderblock

Exposed brick and cinderblock walls are also very popular. They basically have the same structural build and strength of a stucco wall, they just don't have the stucco outer layer. Most walls will be constructed using mortar and grout, but it is also possible to build them with just a soil back fill. That is, the soil on one side of the wall will hold the bricks together. Traditionally, this system is really only functional for smaller walls that are less than 3 feet tall.

Pavers and Stackers

There are many bricks that are self-stacking, and they are also ideal for short retaining walls. You can buy large quantities of bricks that are the exact same color or a range of colors to create a more stylish wall. These look great, especially if you have similar pavers marking the pathways in your yard. They are also very popular because they don't need any mortar or grout. The stacking design makes them durable without needing any extra reinforcement.

These are three great ideas for residential retaining walls. For more information, you should check with a company such as Retaining Walls Inc.