Which Landscape Paving Option Is Best?

It is a fact that choosing the right paving material is one of the most important decisions when you need to build or redesign a garden. If your paving contractor is also asking you which material would you like to use, and you have no idea on where to begin, don't worry. Just keep scrolling and read about the pros and cons of the major options available for residential hardscaping.


Using sandstone as the preferred paving option is a good idea because it is the most widely available option. You also get to choose from a huge color range, which makes it likely that the design you choose will meet your aesthetic requirements. Almost every paving contractor recommends it because it's easy to work with. The two major side effects of going for this option are color variation, which occurs more often than people would like, and blotching that can make the exterior of a home look ugly.


Almost every paving contractor who is not under supervision likes to use gravel to create pavement because it's one of the most inexpensive options out there and it's very easy to install. It is also preferred by people because of the wide variety of attractive textures available. The drawbacks of this option include that it can become unstable over time and can even become weedy.


Attractiveness and minimal effort required to shape slate make it one of the top options available. But these two qualities often fall short, due to the fact that this option is very susceptible to extreme moisture damage. Choose slate only if you live in a dry climate. 


Durability is one of the most precious assets of this material, and it's followed by a wide range of color options. This might not be a good option for people with a limited budget, as it's expensive, and a landscape contractor may find it harder to work with than other available materials. 


Last, but certainly not least, limestone is a perfect option because every paving contractor will find it easy to shape and the even colors make it more aesthetically pleasing. The only things that stop it from being the first choice of every household are few color choices, limited availability, and its susceptibility to acid rain.

Hopefully, all this information will help you and your residential hardscaping contractor make the right decision and create a glorious garden! Contact a company like Davis Landscape for more information and assistance.