A Strong Lawn With Smart Technology - Advantages Of Drip Irrigation At Home

When most people think of watering their lawn, they picture a sprinkler spraying water back and forth over a large area with droplets of water blown around in the breeze. While sprinklers can be fun for children to play in, they have some obvious drawbacks that are addressed by a more direct form of lawn care.

Drip irrigation involves laying tubes across your lawn with drip spouts that directly apply water to the surface. Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of drip irrigation that should cause you to reconsider the techniques you've been using and reexamine the possibilities which might come with changing up your strategy:

Simple Installation

For some people who are concerned about the inefficiency of lawn sprinklers, the solution they settle on is installing an in-ground sprinkler system. Unfortunately, this tends to be an extensive process which requires you to dig up chunks of your lawn, creating more damage to the installation than you may save by watering the grass.

Drip irrigation systems can be installed much more simply. By merely being laid across your lawn after being hooked up, the system can be handled quickly and securely. It can also be repositioned as needed and put out of the way when the time comes to cut your lawn, allowing your maximum flexibility.

Decreased Consumption

Since sprinklers are inaccurate in their water application, they make up for that disadvantage by supplying substantially higher quantities. This can make for some very wet areas of your lawn, and can also cause your energy bills to skyrocket.

Rather than accepting high water costs in warm water as an unavoidable fact of life, consider the positives that come from dripping water slowly onto the affected areas directly. This can massively cut down on your water consumption, keeping your bills low and also alleviating you of any guilt that may come from feelings of wasting water.

Guaranteed Coverage

For all of the water that flows through your sprinkler system, you'll never be able to be sure that your lawn is adequately covered. Shifting winds can drive water away from an area which badly needs it and can create unsightly puddles in other spots. Improving the accuracy of the water application will go a long way toward making sure your lawn stays healthier, and the guaranteed application that comes from direct drip irrigation is perhaps the best way to evenly create a more luscious lawn.

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