Live Near A Busy Road? 3 Landscaping Tips For Noise Reduction

A quiet and peaceful home is at the top of many people's wish lists. However, this can be hard to achieve when the home is next to a busy road. Noise from cars, trucks, and other vehicles can make a home feel more like a busy intersection than a peaceful retreat. While soundproofing inside the home can be a big help, the noise can still be a big problem outside the home. This is where landscaping can help. Here are three landscaping tips for noise reduction. 

Design With Noise In Mind

When it comes to getting rid of noise pollution, landscape design is key. The right design will look attractive and add to the home's curb appeal, in addition to reducing noise levels. Certain plants and other landscaping elements can work together to dampen the amount of noise coming in from a busy street. Getting professional landscape design services is a great way to ensure that the amount of noise from the road is reduced. A professional landscape designer can help determine which landscaping elements will work best when it comes to reducing noise levels. It costs, on average, between $2,099 and $6,633 to hire a professional landscape designer.

Plant Evergreen Trees

During the summer months the landscape is often lush and full. The winter months can be a different story. Noise from a busy road is better able to make it through to the home during the winter months when the landscape loses some of its luster. One way to ensure that more of this noise is blocked is by planting trees and other plants that stay full year round. Evergreen trees in particular can help keep the noise to a minimum. An evergreen tree can cost from as little as $100 to over $1,000, depending on the species and size of the tree. 

Build A Wall

One of the simplest ways to reduce the noise from a busy road is to build a wall. A landscaping wall can reduce the amount of noise pollution and also provides immediate results. The average cost to build one of these walls is between $2,115 and $6,793. These walls can also be constructed from a variety of materials. They can be blended seamlessly into the landscape while also helping to keep the street noise away from the home.

Living next to a busy road can be a challenge. Traffic going back and forth can make noise levels unbearable throughout much of the day. Homeowners in this situation should consider landscaping design that takes the noise into account. Landscape design services can help homeowners come up with landscaping that dampens or eliminates the noise from the road. Planting evergreen trees is also a great way to keep noise levels down throughout the year. Building a wall can also help keep noise from working its way into the home.