Easy To Care For Plants That Will Be Great For Your Office

Although you probably know already that plants are an ideal addition to the office setting because of their calming influence and ability to clean the air, getting started with them can be a bit intimidating. For instance, many people erroneously believe that all plants are hard to care for or require extensive care in order to survive. Fortunately, there are many plants for the office that require minimal care and time, as the following examples will clearly establish. 

The Aloe Vera

For many years before triple-antibiotic ointments were sold over-the-counter in every drugstore and grocery store, you might remember your mom or dad breaking off a piece of the soothing aloe vera plant when you fell off your bike or otherwise incurred a minor childhood injury. Given that so many busy moms of years past had the aloe plant nearby, it's obvious that it cannot be too hard to keep them alive and thriving,

In general, the aloe plant is a lush and attractive plant that needs just a bit of care from its owner to do well. For instance, even though it seems so lush and green, it often needs to be watered just every two or three weeks. In addition, it should not stay damp or wet between watering, so you should watch your new plant until you get to know how quickly it uses the water you provide. When the soil is completely dry to the touch, it's time to water it.  

The Golden Pothos Plant

Another option to consider is the Golden Pothos. As mentioned previously, many plants can clear the air to some extent, but this one can do so to a surprising extent. For example, if you have new carpet or mattresses in your home, sensitive persons might not do well around the VOC's, or Volatile Organic Compounds, that those items are known to release in their first few days. The Golden Pothos is known to be able to filter those harmful compounds from the air.

However, it is important to note that each member of the Pothos family is toxic to cats and dogs, so if yours is a pet-friendly office, it's best to be very careful.       

In conclusion, plants are frequently the perfect accessory to office settings and many of them are very easy to care for, even if you have limited time to devote to their well-being or believe that you lack the necessary "Green thumb". When you want your office to have living, healthy plants in order to reap their many benefits., it is a good idea to be aware of the choices provided above.