Just Had A Stump Ground Up? What You Can Do Now

If you just had a tree removed from an area, and you had the stump grinded up, here is what you can do with the wood chips and the area now that the stump has been removed.

#1 Use The Wood Chips In Your Landscaping

Even a small stump can create a massive amount of wood chips. Don't let the wood chips that were created go to waste. Instead, use them in your landscaping. You can take the wood chips and use them in your landscaping. You can put them around the base of other trees in your yard. If you put them around the trees in your yard, be sure to leave a couple of inches between the base of the tree and where you start to put the wood chips. Place the wood chips so that they are a couple of inches thick around the tree and cover the root base for the tree.

You can also use wood chips in your garden beds. Put them around your flowers and shrubs to create a more unified look. Wood chips can helps help retain moisture and soil in your garden beds.

#2 Use The Sawdust For Compost

Once you get rid of most of the larger wood chips, you are most likely going to be left with a lot of saw dust. With that saw dust, you can use it to help create a compost pile or to help your compost pile thrive and grow. Just remove the wood shavings to your compost area and they will naturally break down. If you leave the saw dust in place they will break down and create a hole in your yard, which is why it is a good idea to get rid of them now and fill the hole in with dirt.

#2 Plant Grass

Another thing you can do is plant grass over the area where the stump was located. You are going to want to get rid of all the wood chips by putting them around your garden or by throwing them out. Once you have removed the wood chips from the area, you are going to want to use a nitrogen rich fertilizer in the area. This will help prepare the ground for growing grass again. Once you have put the fertilizer in place, you may also want to put down some potting soil over the area, especially if there is a hole left over after you remove the wood chips and saw dust.

When the soil is ready, you can plant grass seeds in the area. Be sure to water the area frequently and apply fertilizer to help the grass seeds take root and cover up the area where the tree used to stand.