4 Factors That Could Increase The Cost Of Removing A Tree

Here are four different factors that could end up increasing the overall cost of removing a tree from your property.

#1 Location Next To Power Lines

If the tree is located next to power lines, that could greatly increase the cost of removing the tree. Tree companies need to take different precautions when working around power lines. They also tend to work at a slower and more deliberate pace to ensure that they don't get injured and to ensure that they don't do any damage to the power lines. Some tree companies don't even work on trees at all that are near power lines, so you will need to find a tree company that is willing to work around a tree.

#2 Location Near Tough Working Conditions

Other location issues can also increase the cost of removing a tree. If the tree is located on marshy land, that could make it difficult for the tree company to use all of their equipment to remove the tree. That could result in the need to charge you more based on the different techniques they will need to use to navigate around the marshy area.

If the tree is really far back on your property, that could increase the cost as well. For example, if you have a ten-acre piece of property, and the tree company has to carry their equipment across a great deal of distance, they may charge you more due to having to haul their equipment across a greater distance and due to the fact that it will be a lot more effort to remove the tree parts.

#3 Removal Of Tree Parts

Next, you can remove the tree parts. When you have a tree cut down, you can either have the wood cut up and keep it on your property, which is generally cheaper. However, if you need to have the tree cut up and removed from your property, that could cost more money. The tree company may need to bring in small construction equipment to remove the heavy pieces of logs that they cut up from your tree. Then, they will need to use a trailer to haul away all the parts of the tree as well. That can cost extra.

#4 Stump Removal

Finally, if you want to remove the stump, that is going to greatly increase the amount that you pay to remove the tree. You can pay to have the tree stump pulled up or you can pay to have the tree stump ground up. Either way, this is extra and is usually not included in the price of cutting down your tree. Stump removal is generally always an extra cost. 

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