3 Things to Do to Ensure the Success of Hydroseeding Your Yard

If you want to hydroseed your hard, here are three things that you need to do to ensure that the process is successful and that your investment pays off.

#1 Prepare the Soil

If you really want your hydroseeding to be successful, you need to make sure that the soil in your yard is ready. One of the most common reasons that hydroseeding ends up not working is because the soil is not ready.

To start with, you don't want the soil to be really compact and packed down. Instead, you want the soil to be loose with lots of breathability if you are going to hydroseed your yard. That means that you are going to want to till and aerate the soil before you have your yard hydroseeded. To improve the quality of the soil, you may also want to add nutrients back into the soil by mixing in compost with the soil as well to increase the overall quality of your soil.  

#2 Set Up a Watering Plan

If possible, you may want to install sprinklers in your yard before you hydroseed it. Installing sprinklers first will make it easier for you to water your yard. You are going to want to water your yard regularly when the seed are growing. When you first put the seeds down, you are going to want to water deep and long both in the morning and later in the afternoon or early evening. Watering twice when the seeds are put down, for the first week or so, will allow the seeds to grow and take root. After they start to grow, you may want to cut back to just watering in the morning.

When the yard is well established, you should not have to water that often. One of the advantages of hydroseeeding your yard is that your yard should not require as much water as a traditional yard.

#3 Fertilize Frequently

Your new yard is going to need to be fertilized. The initial seeds should come with fertilizer. However, after about a month, you should fertilizer your yard again to help your baby grass grow and thrive. After that, it is a great idea to fertilize your yard at the start of all four seasons. Be sure to use a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen. You may also want to occasionally use an old purpose fertilizer every few months as well. 

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