2 Benefits You Can Receive By Installing An Irrigation And Sprinkler System In Your Yard

Many homeowners are improving upon and upgrading their home's landscaping and garden watering methods each year. With increasing occurrences of drought across the country, it is becoming more important to use your area's available water reserves more prudently to conserve water as much as possible, and a smart irrigation system is a way to do this. Here are two of the benefits you can realize when installing an automatic sprinkler and irrigation system in your yard. 

Reduced Water Loss

To help combat drought, installing a system in your yard that waters your yard and landscaping most effectively can help by reducing your water usage. Installing an automatic sprinkler system on your lawn with low-flow and reduced water usage sprinklers can help you water your lawn without using an excess amount of water. And a drip irrigation system in your landscaping and vegetable garden will deliver water right to the roots of your plants, using the water most effectively.

Because automatic sprinklers are set into the ground with pre-set spray patterns, they water your lawn efficiently as compared to a mobile sprinkler. Sprinklers that keep the water spray low to the ground can reduce the amount of moisture that evaporates in the air or gets blown away by wind gusts. Setting a mobile sprinkler on your lawn can cause over-spray and excess watering, resulting in runoff and lost water. 

Healthier Vegetation

When you use an automatic sprinkler system in your lawn and a drip irrigation in your landscaping and garden, the water is delivered right to the roots of your plants, which can help their root systems grow more deeply and help the plants grow more strong. A deep root system is beneficial because your plants will be able to survive longer between watering sessions, as they will have longer roots, and this can help you by having to water less frequently.

Water your plants and vegetation with longer, less frequent watering sessions to obtain healthier plant root systems. For example, instead of watering your lawn and vegetation every day for 10 to 15 minutes, water two to three times each week for 30 to 40 minutes each time. This also allows the water to saturate more deeply into the soil, which reduces the amount of water that is lost to evaporation on the surface and top layers of your soil. This prevents your plants' roots from growing near the surface of the soil and leading to sun-scorching of their roots.

You can see these benefits in watering your lawn, landscaping, and garden by installing drip irrigation and an automatic sprinkler system. For more information, contact a professional in your area like those found at Ronco  Irrigation Inc.