How To Maintain Your Landscaping With Concrete

During the warmer months, keeping your yard's landscaping well-manicured and free of weeds can be an ongoing battle that begins as soon as the soil warms up. By adding the right types of materials for vegetation and weed control, you can make your yard look tidier and also reduce the time needed to pull weeds. Here are some tips to use concrete in your landscaping to help maintain the look of your yard:

Landscape Edging

To give your yard visual interest with a variety of different types of vegetation will require you to install areas of flowers, shrubs, and other vegetation through the lawn in your yard. Flowers and other colorful vegetation add color and a variety of different blooms throughout the year. But keeping the lawn out of the flower beds can be difficult.

There are many types of flower bed and landscape edging you can install, such as plastic, metal, and stones. A more permanent type of edging can be installed by pouring a concrete border around your landscaping areas to keep the lawn in its place and your landscape plants in theirs.

You can hire a landscaping or concrete company to install forms and pour the concrete as a border. You can also use precast concrete to build your borders. Precast concrete borders come in straight lengths and in curves, so you can fit them to the outside edges of your landscaped areas.

Make sure your concrete border is set slightly below the top of the landscaping, which will help provide a barrier for any weeds growing beneath the concrete. This will require you or the concrete contractor to excavate a trench where the concrete will be poured or positioned.

Chain Link Fence Borders 

Another way a concrete border can help improve your yard's landscaping by reducing weed growth is by installing a concrete border at the base of any chain link fence in your yard. Chain link can be difficult to prevent weed and lawn growth up and through its links. And using a weed-eater at the base of your chain link fence can cause you to go through a lot of weed eater string, as the chain link wires are hard on the plastic string, breaking it apart.

Pouring a strip concrete edging below the entire length of your chain link fence, between each of the fence's posts will prevent weeds from growing in the soil of the fence. This will reduce the weeding you will need to take care of, especially morning glory weeds, which can climb up through the chain links. You can hire a landscaping or concrete company to complete the installation for you.

Use these tips to help you maintain your yard's landscaping with the use of concrete. Contact a company like Elizalde Construction for more information and assistance.