Purchasing A New Home With Bad Landscaping? How To Turn It Around

If you have just purchased a new home that you love but the landscaping looks bad, this can take away from the aesthetics. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to turn things around and make the landscaping beautiful. Below are three of these things to help you get started.

Clean It Up

You should get the yard ready for landscaping. Even if it is free of garbage, you still likely need to clean some things up. For example, walk around and remove any built-up leaves, sticks, and grass. If there are hedges in the front of the home, trim them so they are uniform in size.

You should plant flowers for your landscaping so determine where you want to plant them. You could clear out an area in front of your home or build your own flower garden. Once you are finished, you are ready to start your landscaping.

Choose Flowers

Starting out with flowers with instantly brighten things up. Consider how much sun the area you chose to plant flowers gets. For example, if it gets sun for most of the day then flowers that require full sun should be planted there. If you like flowers that need part sun/part shade, then the area should get sun in the morning and mostly shade in the afternoon. All shade flowers need a little filtered sun in the morning and then shade throughout the day.

A garden center employee can help you choose native flowers that will grow well in your area. Consider the height as you want to plant taller in back and then move your way down to the front with the shortest flowers. Also consider the colors that you want to use. You could simply choose a rainbow of colors or colors that complement each other, such as yellows, reds, and whites.

Use Landscaping Rock

You can use landscaping rock in many ways to make your landscaping beautiful. Put the rocks around your flower garden to use as a border. This not only makes the flower garden look great but will keep grass and weeds from growing into it.

You can use landscaping rock to build a stone wall. As long as it is not too tall you do not have to use any concrete. What the height is depends on the area that you live in, but this is generally around 20 inches tall. You can likely find landscaping rocks at garden centers in your area or there may be stone quarries that sell them. Choose rocks that are different sizes, shapes, and colors to make them look interesting.

Contact a landscaping contractor if you need help. They can give you many other tips of things you can do.