Beautiful Ways To Blend Landscaping And Outdoor Water Features

Water is an essential element. Including water in your landscaping can create a sense of serenity and beauty to your yard. This effect is heightened when you blend the water feature with plants. Make over your backyard landscaping to include a water feature that adds both visual interest and a relaxing atmosphere.

Secluded Lounge

As the Landscaping Network points out, a relaxing atmosphere really is a boon of having an outdoor water feature. This is especially true if you have a fountain installed. The sound of water music can drown out the rest of the world, making you feel secluded. Besides the obvious beauty of whichever fountain you choose, such an installation also offers an enchanting display of light interacting with water.

For your secluded lounge, choose a corner with some natural shade. Have the fountain installed so it's visible from that corner but also so that you can see and hear it from multiple points in the yard. Add a few tall plants, such as bamboo or an ornamental shrub, to create privacy. Likewise, include a few fragrant plants to create a sensory experience. Finally, set up comfortable furniture, and enjoy your cozy outdoor lounge.

Garden Focal Point

Water features can provide a focal point for your landscaping. A water feature such as a birdbath can stand at the center of a pretty tableau. Start with a central point in your yard that won't impede your outdoor activities. You could lay down pavers to set the stage, or let a lush lawn serve as the foundation. Either way, choose a pretty bird bath, and place it in the center.

The beauty comes in how you landscape around the water feature. You want to draw attention to your tableau. To this end, consider a formal arrangement of plants. For example, circle the area with leafy plants, leaving just enough space on either end for walking. Delicate flowers, especially those birds love, make another attractive complement. You could also add additional hardscaping, such as decorative fencing, to further draw the eye to your garden focal point.

Water Garden

If you want to go big with your water feature, consider having a pond installed. You could even have a waterfall draining into the pond. For a naturalistic effect, border the water with flat rocks.

For landscaping, you need water-loving plants. For the water itself, water lilies, lotus flowers and cattails are a natural. For the side of your pond, consider pretty flowers such as Louisiana irises, swamp lilies and Japanese primroses. Don't make the plantings too orderly – you want them scattered around the pond in a natural way.

Water features do take some maintenance. However, the beauty and a serene ambience they add to your yard are worth the fuss. For more information about water features, check out businesses like Outdoor Living FX.