Tips For Creating A Privacy Hedge With Plants

If you long for more privacy in your yard, you could install a fence if you would like; however, fences can be expensive and can require a lot of maintenance. Instead, you could consider hiring a landscaping company to build you a privacy hedge with plants. This option offers a great natural type of fence that will look nice and serve the purpose of obtaining more privacy. Here are several things to know about privacy fences made with plants.

Benefits Of Plant Privacy Fences

The main two options you have to obtain more privacy around your yard are putting up a fence or building a hedge with plants. There are pros and cons to each option, but choosing a privacy hedge offers a lot of great benefits. The first is the way it looks. A privacy fence is all natural, because it is made of trees, shrubs, and plants, and this can help create a nice atmosphere in your back yard. Some of the bushes you choose may have flowers on them at different times of the year, which is another way a privacy hedge adds beauty to your yard.

Secondly, using plants to create a fence is often a better way to keep your yard clean. Privacy hedges are better than most fences at blocking dust and debris from entering a yard. In addition, privacy hedges offer more shade, which can be a huge benefit in the hot, summer months. The only maintenance privacy hedges typically need is pruning and trimming. Once or twice a year, you may want to prune and trim these plants to help them keep their shape. Fences will often need to be repaired, whereas privacy hedges never require repairs.

If you are looking for the most affordable option, you should realize that privacy hedges typically cost less to install than fences do, and you will never have to spend money repairing or maintaining your hedges.

Types Of Plants You Can Use For This

If you are considering choosing a privacy hedge over a fence, you should begin by talking to a landscaping company. They can help you determine what types of plants to use, where to plant them, and how far to space them apart. There are a lot of different types of plants you can choose from for a privacy hedge, and here are some of the potential options:

Arborvitaes – Arborvitaes are one of the most popular options used for creating privacy hedges, and they belong to the evergreen tree family. They are affordable, nice-looking, and easy to maintain. There are different varieties of these trees, and you may want to choose them by the maximum height they become when fully grown. There are a variety of other types of evergreen trees that also work well for privacy hedges, and a landscaping company can help you determine which ones are best for your needs and desires.

Deciduous shrubs – Shrubs that fall into this category are bushes that typically grow flowers. The leaves on these plants shed every winter, which can leave them slightly bare in the winter, but they are very beautiful when they bloom. Examples of deciduous shrubs are lilacs and rose of Sharon shrubs. Some of these shrubs will attract birds and other types of wildlife too, which is another reason people often choose these for their yards.

Planting a privacy hedge can be a great way to gain privacy in your yard. If you are interested in learning more about your options with plants and the costs for having this done, you should contact a landscaping company in your city today.