4 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Low maintenance landscape designs will give you a beautiful outdoor space that doesn't require you to give up your weekends and evenings to yard work. Low maintenance landscape design also tends to use much less water, making it a more eco-friendly option that also helps you save money on your water bills. Here are four ideas for low maintenance landscape design:

Add a Stone Patio

A stone patio looks great and complements a variety of home designs, while also being incredibly low maintenance. By adding a patio made from flagstone or other stone material, you are automatically cutting down on the portion of your yard devoted to grass, which means less time spent mowing and watering. A stone patio with comfortable outdoor furniture and perhaps an outdoor fireplace or fire pit will quickly become your favorite place to hang out.

Opt for Native Plants

Plants, shrubs, and flowers that are native to your region of the country tend to be very low maintenance and easy to grow. Since these plants already thrive in your climate naturally, they typically need very little in the way of water or fertilizer. Instead, you simply have them planted in a pleasing design, and then essentially leave them alone to grow and beautify your yard.

Add a Programmable Irrigation System

If you do have grass, shrubs, a garden, or trees that require a lot watering, having a programmable irrigation system installed will quickly eliminate most of the work. These smart water systems allow you to program your new sprinklers to turn on and off at specific times, so you never have to hand water or even remember to turn on the sprinklers. If it rains, you can simply pause the system from your smartphone. Even better, these systems tend to eliminate water waste, saving you money.

Consider Adding a Rock Garden

Rock gardens can be very attractive when put together by a skilled landscape designer, often combining rocks of various shapes, sizes, and colors. Rock gardens can easily incorporate low maintenance plants, such as succulents, for a touch of greenery without any real maintenance required.

By incorporating some of these ideas into your landscape design project, you will end up with a gorgeous yard that requires very little upkeep. To narrow things down, it's a good idea to have a landscape designer evaluate your outdoor space and go over your options.

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